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    2014 Top Ten Gay Romance (anthology) 2015 Top Ten Gay Romance (anthology) 2016 Top Ten Gay Romance (anthology) 2017 Top Ten Gay Romance (anthology) Best Gay Bondage Erotica (anthology) Best Gay Erotica 2013 (anthology) Best Gay Erotica 2014 (anthology) Best Gay Love Stories: Summer Flings (anthology) Best Gay Romance 2008 (anthology) Best Gay Romance 2009 (anthology) Best Gay Romance 2013 (anthology) Boys in Heat (anthology) Country Boys (anthology) Flashed! by J.M. Snyder Love Is Proud (anthology) My First Time Volume 5 (anthology) Show-Offs (anthology) Vic and Matt Book II: Everyday Hero by J.M. Snyder Vic and Matt Book III: Hometown Hero by J.M. Snyder Wild Boys (anthology)


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