Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder By J.M. Snyder
A Vic and Matt Story

J.M. Snyder's popular couple Vic and Matt are back in this short and sexy holiday tale. The guys have a tradition -- one Matt finds frustrating, to say the least -- to abstain from sex for the week between Christmas and New Year's. So what if Matt was the one to come up with the stupid rule in the first place? Can’t he create a new tradition, one where they love on each other as much as possible during the holidays?

When he’s home with nothing to do because the gym where he works is closed for renovations, Matt has plenty of time to turn Vic around to his way of thinking. But Vic seems determined to frustrate Matt at every turn. Will Matt finally get his way, or will Vic insist on waiting until midnight rings in the new year before either of them find release?



Matt slid his cool, damp hands along Vic’s trim abdominal muscles, tracing the defined six-pack on his way down to his lover’s narrow waist. “Vic?” he whispered, snuggling closer. “You awake, babe?”

Another snore, ending in something that might’ve been no. Obviously, Matt thought, his fingers trailing over firm flesh. God, this body! So lean and hard, even in sleep, taut and tight and every inch of it his. How he loved it.

My man, he thought, savoring the words. They’d been together for a few years now; hell, they had even exchanged rings, though they hadn’t yet set a date. Matt was in no rush. He knew Vic was his, body and soul. He saw it in his lover’s eyes whenever Vic looked his way, heard it in every word Vic said, felt it every time they made love.

Matt wanted to feel it now. Pressing his mouth against Vic’s chest, he whispered, “Vic?”

No response this time. He’d have to take matters into his own hands if he didn’t want to be the only one up ... and from the steady throbbing between his legs, he meant up.

Leaning in, Matt kissed Vic’s ruddy nipple, then looped the tip of his tongue through the small silver ring pierced through it. The teat stiffened immediately and, above him, Vic groaned as the hand on his shoulder clenched. Against his thigh, Matt felt Vic’s dick twitch.

That got a response. So he’s not completely dead to the world.

Matt eased his hand down between them, over smooth skin shaved clean -- Vic liked the bald look, from head to toe -- and circled his fingers around the thick root of Vic’s cock. It jumped in his hand, awake if his lover was not. Gently Matt eased down the fat length, arching back so he could guide and angle it up towards Vic’s belly instead of down between their legs. He tickled the underside, strumming over moles and veins he knew by heart even if he couldn’t see them at the moment, then held Vic’s shaft as he thumbed along the slit in the cockhead.

Vic growled somewhere above Matt, a primal sound deep in his throat that Matt felt more than heard. It rumbled through Vic’s chest and into Matt’s body like a cat’s purr. “You like that, big guy?” Matt teased, stroking Vic’s dick.

Suddenly a hand clamped on the nape of Matt’s neck. His head was eased back and he found himself staring up into Vic’s dark blue eyes. Open, wide awake, and an inky black in the shadows beneath the bed sheets.

In a grumbling voice still heavy with sleep, Vic mumbled, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Matt grinned. “Getting you up.” He gave Vic’s cock a healthy squeeze, and felt it stiffen in response. “Have to say, looks like it’s working.”

Vic’s fingers spread up into Matt’s hair, running through the thick, black curls. Then he fisted in the loose waves and tugged on them playfully. “You know what day it is, Matty.” It wasn’t a question.

“Day after Christmas.” Sticking out his tongue, Matt licked Vic’s nipple, and Vic’s dick twinged in his hand as a reward. “The way I see it, I’m off from work for a whole week, and you don’t have to be in until noon. Sadie’s in the bathroom, so until she manages to figure out how to open the door, we have a little time to ourselves to --”

“The day after Christmas.”

To Matt’s surprise, Vic twisted out of his grip and rolled away from him -- away!

As Vic slid out from under the covers, Matt sat up, confused. “Hey, wait a minute! We were sort of in the middle of something here.”