Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands by J.M. Snyder
The rivalry between hard rock bands Tainted Black and Hazard is legendary in Richmond’s local rock scene. A fight between the drummers at Catch-22’s third annual Battle of the Bands is a sure way to get both bands eliminated from the competition, but the lead singers settle things in a very different -- but explosive -- manner.

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He heard a scuffle behind him. Before he could look up someone rammed into him, hard, knocking him against the wall. The spigot caught him in the back of the head and for a brief instant the darkness behind his closed eyes flared white. "What the fuck ..." he started, flinging wet hair out of his face.

A heavy hand on his chest stopped him. Ty held him back, those eyes unreadable in the harsh bulbs overhead. "Stay right there," he warned.

Past Ty, Benjamin could see Skree struggling with Nick in the doorway. The taller drummer had Skree in a bear hug, arms pinned at his sides, but Skree pummeled his fists into Nick's midsection, bellowing in rage. Skree's feet were planted wide between the wall and the open door, giving him some leverage for the fight. But Mark was still behind the door, pinned in place with the doorknob in his stomach. Dimly Benjamin felt a drop of water drizzle down his back. Where Ty's hand rested on his chest, his skin felt itchy and hot. "What's this all about?" he wanted to know.

"Same old shit," Ty replied, his voice low. He was watching the water bead on Benjamin's mouth and when Benjamin licked the droplets away, Ty's own lips parted a bit in a faint sigh. Benjamin saw the struggle in those familiar eyes and wanted to laugh when Ty muttered, "Goddamn it. Look what you're gonna make me do."

"Like it's all my fault," Benjamin countered, but Ty wasn't listening.