Boy Toys

Boy Toys by J.M. Snyder
Jason's boyfriend Chad recently moved out, effectively ending their relationship. A few weeks before Christmas, Barry calls to invite Jason to a holiday party in the hopes of cheering him up.

Turns out it's a sexy toy party, and when Jason's talked into helping out, the sexy host Nigel has something special in store for him after the party. Will Christmas turn out to be merry for Jason after all?



"Hey," he purred, his voice intimate in the cold night. A good head taller than me, with a shock of wavy blonde hair that looked pale against his pale skin, he filled the doorway with his bulky coat and twin valises. He looked like a traveling salesman, carrying those bags, and whatever he was selling, I wanted to buy. When he smiled his teeth were straight, even, and white; his dark eyes danced in the porch light. "I'm Nigel," he told me, juggling his cases to offer me one gloved hand. I took it in mine, my fingers limp and numb in his firm grip. "And you are?"

I couldn't find my voice. "Jesus," I breathed.

Nigel laughed, a heavenly sound that made me catch my breath. "I never thought the Messiah would look so fine."

"What?" I asked, confused. His smile made it hard to think, and it was only with considerable effort that I managed to stop staring at him long enough to let him into the townhouse.

"No, I'm -- my name is ... I --" Nigel laughed again and I shook my head as if to untie my tongue. "I'm actually leaving."

"So soon?" Nigel set his bags on the floor and turned that million-watt smile my way again. "The minute I come, you walk out? So much for the afterglow."

My face warmed and suddenly the room was too hot, whatever chill that had followed Nigel in dissipated at his suggestive words. "This really isn't my thing."

Behind me, Barry's voice boomed over the music. "You must be Nigel!" he said, then laughed. I turned to find him pointing up at that damn mistletoe. "Look where you guys are standing."

"Barry --" I began.

Cool lips kissed the corner of my mouth and silenced me. When I looked at Nigel, he leaned in again and I thought he was going for a full-on kiss this time, but he had his arms behind him caught in his coat. "Give me a hand with this, please?" he asked, indicating the coat.

I helped him slip out of it. As I folded it over my arm, he asked, "Barry?" At Barry's nod, Nigel raised an eyebrow and appraised me. "Jesus, right?"

"Jason," I corrected, my cheeks flushed. I held out his coat, but he didn't take it. "Who is leaving. Nice to meet you."

"What are you running off for?" Nigel wanted to know. "The fun's just about to start."

Before I could answer, Barry informed him, "He's here alone."

"Thanks, asshole," I growled beneath my breath. Barry gave me a clueless shrug and I shoved Nigel's coat onto him. "I'm out of here."

Nigel caught my arm. "C'mon, Jason. Stay. I don't have a partner either."

Something in the way he said it made me think he didn't just mean for tonight's party. Still, I didn't want to be won over so quickly. The hand on my arm found its way across my shoulders and Nigel pulled me close. "How about you be my Vanna White this evening?" he asked.

"I don't think she sold sex toys," I answered, but that arm fit comfortably and the smile below those chocolate eyes made it hard to say no.