Fuck the Foreplay

Fuck the Foreplay by J.M. Snyder
Tory's a freshman in college who can't stand being away from his boyfriend Jon for long. When his roommate decides to head home for the weekend, Tory invites Jon to stay at the dorm.

The moment Jon arrives, Tory can't wait to get their romantic get-together underway.

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"Don't eat my food while I'm gone," Seth said, brushing behind Tory to get to the small dorm-sized refrigerator they shared. "And don't drink my sodas. I know how many there are."

"I've got my own damn food," Tory replied.

Seth pushed his blonde bangs back from his eyes and glared at Tory. "And don't let your boyfriend sleep in my bed."

Tory laughed at that. "Shit, Seth," he drawled, a smile on his face, "we aren't going to be sleeping much at all. And it'll be my bed he stays in, not yours. Trust me on that."

Frowning, Seth glanced at the pictures Tory had pinned around his desk -- photographs of himself and Jon in loving poses. Him on Jon's lap, Jon's hand between his knees. Jon with his cute little dachshund, Jon in nothing but a pair of boxers, Jon blowing a kiss at the camera. "Is that all you two are going to do?" Seth wanted to know as he shoved a stack of books into his backpack. "Just fuck all weekend long?"

"If I'm lucky," Tory replied. "It's been a month, Seth. I know you can't comprehend that, Mr. Never Been Kissed, but my idea of fun is Jon and me and nothing else. Nothing at all."

"I get your point." Lifting the corner of his bedspread, Seth pushed his dirty clothes beneath the bed, out of view. "There's just more to life than that, Tory."

"Like what?" Tory asked.

Seth shrugged. "Like school. And getting a job. And making money. And going to class --"

Tory rolled his eyes and sighed. "Tell you what. You fall in love and find someone to rock your world, then you tell me what's more important than that. Deal?"

"Money," Seth said.

Tory groaned. How did he ever get stuck with a business major for a roommate?