Guilty Pleasures Box Set

Guilty Pleasures Box Set by J.M. Snyder
Eight erotic romance short stories of gay guilty pleasures! Here you'll find an unlikely couple stealing a quick tryst between sets at a drag show, college boyfriends spending a long weekend together on campus, a young man with a forbidden crush on his best friend's father, flamboyant neighbors, horny lovers, college room- mates, and a petulant submissive with a latex fetish.

Check out these stories and take a wild romp through the wicked pages of some of J.M. Snyder's hottest, best-selling gay erotic fiction, collected together into one box set!

Contains the stories:

Before the Show: A college student by day, drag queen by night, Devin Elliot loves his job. He likes to watch himself get ready, primping in the mirror, his masculinity slowly peeled away and replaced with feminine silk and lace. As he's getting ready for his stage show, a knock on the door interrupts him. With the clock counting down to showtime, can Devin and Chuck manage to snag some time alone before the show?

Fuck the Foreplay: Tory's a freshman in college who can't stand being away from his boyfriend Jon for long. When his roommate decides to head home for the weekend, Tory invites Jon to stay at the dorm. The moment Jon arrives, Tory can't wait to get their romantic get-together underway.

Mastering Stefan: Stefan has a latex fetish. When he meets the man of his dreams at a local gay bar, can he prove himself worthy of Master’s affection?

Money's Worth: Carl has always harbored feelings for his outrageous roommate, Ritchie, but he's too shy to do anything about it. When a stranger outside a club offers Ritchie a blowjob for ten bucks, he doesn’t have the cash, and Carl isn't paying someone else to suck off the guy he likes. If Ritchie wants a blowjob, why doesn't he just ask Carl?

My Best Friend's Dad: I had the worst crush on Mikey Pierce's dad. The week before leaving for college, I stayed at Mikey's while Mr. Pierce and his buddies gambled. When I snuck downstairs for beers, the card game was over and I thought all the visitors had left. But Mr. Pierce wasn't alone in the dining room. The man with him owed a couple hundred bucks from playing cards, and I had a ring-side seat as he paid up.

On the Down Low: Nick's the only white guy at his roommate Tyrone's hip hop party, but Tyrone's friend De'Andre is the center of attention. The moment Nick notices him, he gets sprung. De'Andre is big and black and hot damn, but he's sexy. Nick feels out of his league -- he's young, white, gay, and desperately looking for a chance to spend some time alone with De'Andre. Luckily De'Andre seems just as interested.

Take It Outside: It's close to midnight, New Year's Eve, and Matt is tired of watching Vic mingle at Roxie's party. After several beers, Matt wants a piece of his lover, and he wants it now. And we all know Matt gets what he wants. NOTE: You don't have to read any other Vic and Matt story to understand what happens in this one!

Windows: Thom is down on love, having walked in on his lover with a friend and caught them doing the nasty. After he kicks said lover out, he writes off men for good. Then Bradley moves in next door and Thom can’t help but notice. Suddenly Thom finds himself in the position of voyeur and knows Bradley knows he’s watching. He doesn’t need another lover, but how long can he resist Bradley's advances?



From On the Down Low:

I bullied my way back into the apartment, the main room, the hall, and almost got as far as the foyer when the bathroom door opened to block my path. Through the thick haze inside I saw my roommate sitting on the closed toilet seat. I ducked under the arm of whoever was exiting the bathroom and followed the stench of pot inside. "Tyrone."

De'Andre's deep voice answered. "There's our token white boy," he said, and I spun around to find him stretched out along the edge of the bathtub, leaning back against the wall with his long legs crossed as he toked on one of my buds. Raising the joint, he told me, "This chronic is phat. Where'd you get it?"

Now that I had found him, I didn't want to admit I'd been looking in the first place. Shoving my fists into my pockets, I shrugged and muttered, "I got my sources." I glared at my reflection in the mirror and wished Tyrone would go away.

With a laugh, De'Andre grabbed the back pocket of my jeans and pulled me to him. I felt like a fish, caught on a rod and reeled in. Before I could think to fight him, I plopped down into his lap. A slight groan escaped his lips when I sat on the hardness that bulged at his crotch, then his arms were around my waist, holding me in place. Each move I made earned another little moan. I fought against the urge to put my hands down on his jeans to reposition myself and cop a feel. Through the thick denim his dick swelled against my ass, hard from the drugs or the party or me, I wasn't sure which.

Remembering Tyrone, I tried to stand but De'Andre held me tight. "Lemme go," I muttered, but I didn't mean it and he didn't comply. My roommate snorted laughter and foamy beer bubbled out of his flat nose. I kicked at him across the bathroom but my sneaker missed his leg by a few scant inches. "Shut the fuck up, Tyrone. Where's the rest of my pot?"

Tyrone rolled his eyes and pointed at the smoke hovering above us before dissolving into giggles. "Up in smoke, my man. Up in smoke."

I kicked him again, this time leaning forward to connect with his shin. "Hey!" he shouted, slapping my foot away. A wounded look crept into his eyes. "Fuckwad. Who invited you to this party anyway?"

"I live here," I reminded him as De'Andre pulled me back. "How much --"

De'Andre's hand clamped over my mouth, his other arm coming up behind me to hug me against him. "Don't be haten, boys. Tyrone, get lost."

My roommate stopped in mid-giggle. "Wha?" he asked, frowning at us. "Man, that blunt's not done yet."

Keeping one hand over my mouth, De'Andre reached around me with the other and plucked the joint from his mouth, then chucked it in the sink. Tyrone scrambled to retrieve it before it went out. "Take it and go," De'Andre said. His hand smelled of pot and a deeper, darker scent, a musk all his own. When I licked out to taste him, the tip of my tongue tingled and he snapped at Tyrone, "Get the fuck outta here already, will you? I got business to attend to with Nicky."

"Nick," I corrected, my voice lost in the folds of his hand. Tyrone glared at me as he left, slamming the door shut behind him. For a long moment, De'Andre didn't move, didn't let me go. Finally I raised my hands to his and tried to pry his fingers away. He let me get beneath the first two fingers, then brusquely turned my face to his and pulled me down for a rough, hot kiss.