In His Kiss Box Set

In His Kiss Box Set by J.M. Snyder
If you love interracial gay romance, this box set is for you!

Collected together for the first time are 8 sizzling stories by M/M author J.M. Snyder. These hot and heavy tales of manlove feature quick hookups and exciting encounters between men looking for love outside their race.

Contains the stories:

Car Trouble: What begins as a bad day improves when Terrence meets the hot mechanic. Dressed in a pair of tight, oil-stained jeans and little else, Jimmy exudes sex appeal. Terrence finds himself drawn to Jimmy, and soon it's not just his car being serviced.

Closing Time: Mitchell Nolan is a bartender working late on Christmas Eve. As the last patrons leave, he stays behind to clean up. Then he meets Romy Lariner, who ducks inside the bar when his car won't start. Sparks fly between these two lonely men this holiday.

Cruising on Cary Street: Willis Moore is a detective who was suspended. After his firs...gets him alone for a little one on one in the studio, can he help Joey relax enough to make their collaboration a success?

Hot Merchandise: A shoplifter attracts the attention of Bill's coworker, so he has to step in to avoid a scene. When he's asked to empty his pockets, the potential thief agrees ... but only in the privacy of the store's back room, where Bill discovers just how hot his merchandise is.

On the Down Low: Nick's the only white guy at his roommate Tyrone's hip hop party, but Tyrone's friend De'Andre is the center of attention. The moment Nick notices him, he gets sprung. De'Andre is big and black and hot damn, but he's sexy. Nick feels out of his league -- he's young, white, gay, and desperately looking for a chance to spend some time alone with De'Andre. Luckily De'Andre seems just as interested.

One on One in the Studio: When pop star Joey Angel is asked to record on a song with hip hop legend DJ Key, he's thrilled. He's a fan of Key's and hopes the song will help give him street cred. But things get off to a rough start, and Joey finds it hard to concentrate during the session. When Key gets him alone for a little one on one in the studio, can he help Joey relax enough to make their collaboration a success?

Playing the Field: Out of Bounds: Jo plays basketball on his college team. At an off-campus party before the season begins, he hooks up with a guy named Kevin. Things heat up between them, leading to a night of hot sex. But the next day Jo learns Kevin has been hired as his team's new assistant coach. Is their budding relationship over before it even begins? Or will Kevin go out of bounds to be with Jo?

Playing the Field: Play On: This is Cordero's rookie year with the intramural soccer team, but he catches Sean's eye the first day of practice. Sean wastes no time letting this fly brother know just how sprung he is. The feeling's mutual and there's no denying the spark between them. Unfortunately, Sean is easily distracted by Cordero on the field. Can he get his mind back on the game before he's thrown off the team?



From Hot Merchandise

Bill sighs. Not tonight. “I’ll do something,” he promises. With a final look at the two -- the taller guy is watching him again, a faint smile playing over a pair of full, dark lips -- Bill turns back to his notebook, mind racing. “Just ... keep an eye on them and let me know when they’re heading out.”

“Um ...” At the hesitation in Angie’s voice, he looks up. “I think they’re heading out now.”

Bill rolls his eyes so he doesn’t have to lift his head and, sure enough, the duo are heading toward the store’s entrance. The guy in the jacket hasn’t taken his hands out of his pockets, and that looks bad. But Bill’s gaze is drawn to the swinging package at the front of the guy’s sweats. The fleece caresses the bulk hidden beneath it as it moves, outlining a bulge that makes Bill’s throat dry to think of it. He can imagine a thick, black cock encased in a white jockstrap, partially aroused from the sheer motion of the guy’s sexy strut. He pictures his fingers encircling that shaft, pale skin on dark, the purplish-red bulbous tip bubbling over with pre-cum that sparkles like stars in the night sky ...


Angie’s elbow almost knocks him over. At the dazed look he turns her way, she shakes her head. “I’m calling security.”

Bill catches her arm before she gets too far. “I said I’d handle it.”

“Well?” With a jerk of her head, she reminds him they’re heading out. “Whatever you plan to do, you better do it now.”

His palms are suddenly clammy, his throat tight. Wiping his hands on his slacks, he straightens his tie and reminds himself he’s the night manager. This is his store. Even if the guys aren’t stealing, Angie can get him into a lot of trouble if she decides to report his lack of action to the general manager. Sheila would review the security tapes, see the same suspicious activity Angie picked up on, and he’d never hear the end of it. Best to handle it now.

When he clears his throat, he realizes he’s scared. He doesn’t want to do this. But the resolute set of Angie’s jaw tells him he has to, if he doesn’t want to lose face. Damn it.

He hurries down the length of the counter, coming out at the store entrance just as the two guys approach. “Excuse me, sir?” he asks, speaking to the taller guy. He keeps his gaze high, off the sweats, and silently prays, Please.

The guy stops, an amused smirk on his handsome face. “Yo, me?”

His friend comes up beside him and glares at Bill. “Jamal, who the fuck’s this?”

“Chill, man,” Jamal murmurs, holding out his arm as if trying to keep his friend back. To Bill, he says, “What you want with me?”

Oh, God, you don’t even know.