Leatherman and Sexy Boy

Leatherman and Sexy Boy by J.M. Snyder
It's Vic's birthday, and apparently his lover Matt diLorenzo stumbled upon Vic's old supply of fetish gear when cleaning. Matt knows slipping into the leather and chains will be a sexy surprise for his lover when Vic gets home from work.

This short, erotic romp was originally written as one of the stories in The Positions of Love series, but it was cut during rewrites. It later appeared as a flash story on Eros Monthly, and doesn't mention any of the superhero powers or special abilities the two men share. Since it's no longer available online, I've decided to make it available to those who love these guys as much as I do!

NOTE: You don't have to read any other Vic and Matt story to understand what happens in this one!



When Vic Braunson came home from work on his birthday, he was met in the hallway by his lover Matt diLorenzo, who wore nothing but a pair of leather shorts with a breakaway crotch, his arms hopelessly tangled in the straps of a leather harness. He greeted Vic with, “Help.”

Vic laughed as he shut the door behind him. But before he moved to assist his lover, he took a moment to savor the sight of so much naked flesh. “Damn, you look good.”

“Looks can be deceiving,” Matt said with a laugh. “I feel like a pretzel.”

“Is this my birthday present?” Vic asked as he shrugged out of his work shirt.

Matt pouted. “It was supposed to be a surprise. You gonna help, or what?”

Vic crossed the hall. The harness was a old fetish item of his, something his lover must’ve dug out of their closet ... Vic couldn’t remember the last time he’d worn it. Way before he’d met Matt. Vic used to get off on the smell and feel of leather, but since he’d been with his lover, there was so much about the guy that excited Vic that he didn’t need anything else to get off. Though at the sight of Matt in leather, he wanted nothing more than to clamp the harness between his teeth and let his lover fuck him senseless. Sweet Jesus.

Once the harness was settled properly on Matt’s shoulders, Vic cinched the belts tight for a snug fit. The leather molded snugly to Matt’s crotch and ass. Before he could stop himself, Vic leaned against his lover, one hand fondling Matt’s slight erection through the leather, the other squeezing his firm buttocks. Vic bit at the strap that ran over Matt’s shoulder, his teeth sinking into the supple material, his saliva turning the already black strap a shade darker. The taste of leather filled his senses, enflaming them. With a low growl in the back of his throat, Vic gnawed on the strap as he hugged Matt close.

His lover snickered and tried to extract himself from Vic’s sudden embrace. “You need to suit up first. No loving until you’re dressed.”

“Suit up.” Vic laughed, a rumble against Matt’s neck that made his lover grin. “That makes me sound like a superhero.”

Matt laughed harder. “The Adventures of Leatherman and his sidekick ...”

Vic quipped, “Sexy Boy.”

Leatherman and Sexy Boy. Matt grinned. “I like the sound of that.”