Love in the Library

Love in the Library by J.M. Snyder
Johnny's job at the campus library isn't as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, when the wheels of the returns cart get stuck in the gap between the floor and the elevator, he's ready to just quit right there.

But a stranger's kindness leads to chance encounter that improves Johnny's whole semester.

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In a low voice, I murmured, "Madam, I'm Adam." At his sharp glance, I shrugged. "It's a palindrome. Means it's spelled the same way forward as backward."

"I know what it means." Adam's smile was back, and the intensity in his gaze made me blush. "I'm impressed you do, too. And here I thought you were just another pretty face."

There was nothing pretty about me. But because he watched me so closely, waiting for some sort of answer, I shrugged and resisted the urge to push up my glasses. "I'm an English major."

That earned me a grin. "And he dodges the play."

I ducked, unsure of what it was he wanted me to say. "I'm sorry."

"It's cool," Adam told me. "You're obviously not interested --"

"I am," I said, a little too quickly. I wasn't sure if he meant what I meant, but God knew I wanted to find out. "I'm sorry --"

Adam nudged my foot with his. "Stop saying that already," he told me with a laugh. "You won't hear me apologize for hitting on you."