Poolside by J.M. Snyder
Kevin's had the hots for Danny from the start of the semester. They live on the same floor in their college dormitory, and Danny's flamboyant manner excites the sedate Kevin. When it finally looks like they're going to hook up, though, Danny disappears, leaving Kevin hurt and wondering what it was he said or did to chase him away.

Then Danny shows up at the school pool, where Kevin works as a lifeguard. He seems interested enough, but Kevin's been there, done that. What can Danny possibly do to convince Kevin he's interested?

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Having climbed up the back of the lifeguard station, Danny now stood on one of the crossbeams between the chair legs, hands on the back of Kevin's seat. As he spoke, he pulled against the chair, which jerked beneath his weight. "Where've you been?" he wanted to know. "I haven't seen you in the shower lately."

"You shouldn't be watching in the first place," Kevin said, his tone curt. "Stop that."

Another hard tug and Danny threw his arms around the back of the chair. Exasperated, Kevin sat forward to keep from touching him. "Get down, will you?" he asked. "I'm on duty here."

Danny ignored him. "I miss seeing you," he whispered, one finger brushing along the bottom of Kevin's short hair. Kevin shook his head and Danny pulled away, only to start again when Kevin stopped. "Don't you want to pick up where we left off?"

Despite the way his blood stirred beneath Danny's touch, Kevin snipped, "No."

As if he hadn't heard him, Danny trailed his hand over Kevin's shoulder. Kevin shrugged but Danny was stubborn and his fingers trickled down Kevin's chest. "Where were we?" Danny murmured. His hand moved when Kevin tried to slap it away, then came back to rub over his tanned stomach. Lower, lower ... "Right about --"

Kevin caught his wrist before Danny reached the front of his shorts. "Stop. Just stop, alright?"