Remy and Lane Complete Series Box Set

Remy and Lane Complete Series Box Set by J.M. Snyder
Both books in the Remy and Lane series for one low price! Contains the stories:

Just the Three of Us: Remy McIntosh Remy is looking forward to a holiday vacation at a secluded cabin with his lover, Lane Anders. He's planned the perfect getaway for just the two of them. But when his ex-wife changes her Christmas plans at the last minute, he has to bring along his 8 year old son, Braeden, too. Braeden doesn't know Lane, or even that his father is gay. What will happen to the romantic holiday Remy planned for so long?

Hawaiian Wedding: Remy and Lane are back to plan their Christmas wedding! Because their state doesn’t allow same-sex marriage, they travel to Hawaii to plan the perfect wedding. But things go wrong from the start. Remy doesn’t know whether to laugh at his troubles or cry with frustration. Will they get to say “I do” on an island beach, or should they elope?



From Just the Three of Us:

From where he sat in the cushioned seat on the other side of Remy’s desk, Lane leaned his elbows on the arm rest and steepled his fingers under his chin. “You’re mad,” he said.

“I’m not mad,” Remy corrected. “I’m ... a little put out, that’s all.”

One of Lane’s signature smiles spread across his face. “Come on, what’s the big deal? You said it yourself, you wanted me to meet Braden one day.”

“One day, yes,” Remy emphasized. Opening his day planner for next year, he flipped to the page for May and pointed at a date that already had something written on it. “May tenth, one o’clock, I take Braden out for ice cream at Bruster’s and you stop by to say hi. I had it all planned out.”

“So move your plans up a little,” Lane countered. “Think about it. We’re going to a log cabin in the mountains. There’s a lake, and deer, and a huge fireplace for Santa to come down --”

“And no TV,” Remy pointed out. “No internet, no wi-fi, no nothing for a kid used to waking up and turning on cartoons while he checks his friends’ Facebook updates. He’s going to be bored shitless.”

Lane shook his head. “It’ll be fun. We might even get a little snow. It’ll be nice, relaxing --”

“You don’t know my son.”

Lane said, “Then tell me about him.”

Remy straightened the papers on his desk. He talked about Braden a lot, he knew, but somehow nothing he had ever told Lane really managed to capture the essence of the boy. “He’s ... I don’t know. Sensitive. Set in his ways. He doesn’t really like change.”

“Sounds like someone else I know,” Lane teased.

Remy shook his head. “No, really. It’ll probably make him mad that he isn’t going to be home with all his stuff. He’ll have his heart set on Christmas with his mother, and when he finds out he’ll have to stay with me, it’ll piss him off.”

“Like father, like son,” Lane said.

Remy stacked the papers he’d been reading into a neat pile and tucked them into his Inbox. “No, you aren’t listening to me. He --”

“He’s like you.” Lane reached across the desk and placed a hand on Remy’s wrist, stilling it. “Look at me.”

After a long moment, Remy did. What he saw in his lover’s eyes was a deeper understanding than he could’ve imagined existed. In that one instant, with Lane’s hand covering his, Remy thought simply, I love him. I do. The thought came unbidden, so raw and fresh, that he knew it was the truth.

“You’re upset, I know,” Lane said softly, “but you’re projecting your own feelings onto your son. This wasn’t your plan, and I’m sorry. But sometimes you have to give a little bit, Remy. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches.”

Remy sighed. “It’s going to be a disaster.”

“Don’t think like that,” Lane chastised. “Think of it as an adventure.”

Yeah, Remy thought. A disastrous one.