Speed Trap

Speed Trap by J.M. Snyder
When Mark Peters is stopped for speeding, patrol officer Lt. W.V. Tench lets him off with just a warning. The only problem is that now Mark can't get the sexy cop out of his mind. When his friends jokingly suggest he drive around until he gets pulled over again, Mark thinks that's a great idea.

Except it's a different cop this time. And this one isn't as taken in with Mark's disarming grin as Lt. Tench claimed to be.

With his friends snickering beside him, Mark just wants to drive off and try his luck again. How many tickets will he have to rack up just to meet the man of his dreams?



Someone tapped on his shoulder. Mark jumped and turned, already smiling the disarming grin he used when the shit was about to hit the fan and it was probably his fault. "Hey," he said, hoping he sounded nonchalant. "Just looking for my ..."

The words dried in his throat as the police officer pushed his hat back, revealing light brown eyes the color of wet sand and a few strands of wispy red hair. Damn. Mark stared at the eyebrows that arched above those eyes like faint lines drawn above the tide line. At the full lips a shade of pink that should be illegal on a boy. At those eyes. Suddenly he forgot how to speak, what to say, and what was he looking for again? Where was he?

My God.

"Can you turn off your car please, sir?" the police officer asked.

Mark stared, his mouth slightly open, his mind unable to make his body perform the simplest command. The car. Off. Yes. Why?

What's he want me to do? Mark wasn't sure but he definitely wanted to find out.

"Sir?" the officer asked again. Above his badge was written Lt. W.V. Tench. "The car?"

This time he frowned a little, and the way his lower lip pooched out excited Mark. He wanted to catch that pout between his teeth, nibble on it, suckle it.

The car.

"Right." Mark took his foot off the clutch and the car leaped forward, throwing Lt. Tench back from the window. Smooth one, Peters, Mark thought, his ears heating with embarrassment as his car stalled. Just run him over while you're at it, why don't you? With an angry twist, he yanked the keys from the ignition even though part of him wanted to speed away. Then this cute cop could chase him down, pull him over a second time, and they could start all over again.

For a moment he considered doing just that. But when he took his foot off the brake, the car started to roll forward on its own and he had to tug hard on the parking brake to stay in place. Just give me a ticket already, will you? I've made an ass of myself, I look like a dork, just please let's get this over with, okay? No need to stand there and rub it in.

"God," he muttered.

Whatever Lt. Tench might've thought about his antics was kept carefully hidden behind the mask-like expression on his chiseled face. "Can you take off the sunglasses?"

Mark complied, folding the glasses into his lap where his wallet still rested. Picking up his license, he handed it to the policeman and smiled. See? that smile said. I'm not a complete idiot. I remembered the license part. Just don't ask about the registration, okay?

Taking his license, Lt. Tench asked, "Do you know why I stopped you?"

“Because I’m cute?”