The Powers of Love

The Powers of Love by J.M. Snyder
The first Vic and Matt story ... where it all began!

With his shaved head, piercings, and tattoos, the muscular Vic Braunson isn’t one who falls hopelessly in love at first sight. But when he meets swim instructor Matt diLorenzo at the gym, sparks fly ... despite the fact that Matt is dating Vic’s co-worker.

Then a chance encounter months later brings them together. When they finally consummate their relationship, there’s no denying the energy between them. But the next morning, Vic awakens to find his mind crowded with a myriad of thoughts, none of them his own. After their second night of making love, Vic is filled with unparalleled strength. Oh, and now he can fly.

Suddenly Vic is filled with questions he doesn’t know how to answer. First, just what exactly is going on here? And how does he tell Matt without alienating his new lover or ruining their budding relationship? Or does Matt know something he, himself, is only now discovering?



Vic's hands fisted in Matt's hair, then bunched in the bed sheets as Matt spread him wider to taste the coppery musk of his anus. "Please," Vic sobbed -- part of him couldn't believe he was reduced to this so easily, a man like himself, grown and begging to be fucked, but he ached with desire and wanted Matty to take him again and again. His knees clenched around Matt's head. "God, Matty, just ..."

His voice disappeared, words unable to describe his need. After an eternity, Matt finally sat up between Vic's legs and the head of his own hard cock butted against Vic's ass cheeks. "Tell me you want me," Matt said.


With his hands on Vic's knees, Matt spread his legs farther apart and pushed against him slightly, just enough to get the tip of his dick against that first clenched muscle. "Tell me how badly you want me."

In frustration, Vic growled, "Matty --"

One hard shove and Matt filled him completely, crawling over Vic to kiss away the discomfort of entry. They found a rough rhythm, fast and almost angry, each fighting against the other to get off first. This wasn't yesterday's gentle lovemaking but something deeper, harder, much more raw. Vic clenched his hands in Matt's buttocks, the olive flesh whitening beneath his grip as Vic pulled him in and refused to let go. He needed this, only this. Yes.

As Matt thrust into him, his panting breath hot and heavy in Vic's ear, Vic found himself thinking about those stupid thoughts that had haunted his head throughout the day. Had he really been reading minds? He didn't think so, but how would a talent like that enhance a moment like this? What would it feel like to be both lovers during sex? To savor the penetration and the slick skin wrapped tight around his cock at the same time? To be the tongue that caressed his balls and the mouth that suckled them, as well? To experience the intimate act of making love as both partners at once?

To come in a fiery rush that sparked his lover's orgasm, to shudder beneath a dual wave of release, to wrap his arms around himself and stare into his own eyes and hear his own voice murmur softly against his chin, "I love you." To feel the strength and safety of his own arms as he held himself close. What would that be like?

Vic clung to Matt with a fierce embrace and tried to imagine himself behind those deep green eyes, but the power or whatever it had been earlier was now gone. He was alone inside his own head, and Matt's soft kisses and tender touch told him all he needed to know about how his lover felt for him.