V: The V in Vigilant

V: The V in Vigilant by J.M. Snyder
Book 3 in the Vic and Matt: V Series

When Vic has a rough day at work, his lover Matt puts their telepathic connection to good use, tapping directly into Vic's needs to provide some relaxing downtime at home. However their sensual massage turns to serious talk, and Matt finally asks Vic the question he's been wrestling with for the past few months.

The next day, Vic's latest super power almost makes him call in sick. Then a disabled bus passenger is attacked, and Vic rushes to the rescue.



Matt elbowed his lover playfully in Vic's slight paunch. Grabbing their own plates, he nodded at the dining room table. "Food is love. Sit down, let me love you."

Before Matt moved out of reach, Vic ran an arm around his waist and pulled him back to plant a quick kiss on his temple. "How about after I eat, what do you say? I'm starving."

Matt took him up on the offer. Watching his man eat always turned Matt on, and Vic downed the tacos like a champion on the competitive food circuit. By the time Vic licked the last of the taco sauce from his fingers, Matt shifted uncomfortably in his chair, his dick hard as steel in the front of his jeans. When Vic carried their empty plates into the kitchen, Matt sidled up behind him and leaned against his lover, thrusting his hips into Vic's so there was no doubt about where his interests lie. He smoothed his hands down Vic's bulging biceps and purred against the back of Vic's neck, "You, in the bedroom, now."

Vic laughed as he ran water in the sink. "Let me clean up here first --"

"No time." Grabbing one end of the sash holding Vic's robe closed, Matt took a step toward the doorway and the promise of their bed at the end of the hall. He tugged the sash, but his lover didn't move. He tugged harder. "Now, Vic. Don't make me beg."

The spigot cut off and Vic smirked as he wiped his hands on a dish towel. "That might be worth seeing," he said, half-turning toward Matt. "Would you get down on your hands and knees? Or just whine like a little boy until you got your way?"

Matt tried the whine as he pulled on Vic's sash. "Vic!"

The loose knot at the front of Vic's robe slipped. Matt took a step back and gave another tug, harder than before. The knot unraveled and the sash slid free from its hoops, sending Matt backpedaling into the hall with the sash in his hands and Vic still resolutely standing by the sink. Only now his robe hung open, the front panels falling back to display the smooth expanse of muscle along Vic's chest and belly. Matt's gaze traveled lower, and he saw the red tip of his lover's cock peek out from between the folds of flannel.

Coming back into the kitchen, Matt wrapped the sash around Vic's waist, this time holding onto both ends as he pulled his lover closer. With the sash securely held in one hand, Matt let the fingers of his other hand dip into the front of Vic's robe. They tickled over Vic's belly and down, over his pubic mound, down, until they grasped the thickly veined length jutting from Vic's crotch. "Does my begging turn you on?" Matt murmured, kissing the hollow of Vic's throat as he massaged Vic's dick.

He felt his lover's moan on his lips; the sound excited him. His next kiss landed on the underside of Vic's jaw, then on Vic's chin, until their lips finally met. This time Vic's moan was lost in Matt, who pressed against his lover in his eagerness. "Follow me," Matt whispered.

Vic could offer no argument. "Lead the way."