Victory Fuck

Victory Fuck by J.M. Snyder
A young speedskater lusts after an older, more experienced teammate. Problem is, his teammate doesn't seem to notice him in the locker room or out on the ice ... until after they win the finals.

Amid flashing lights and screaming fans, the two come together in one perfect moment to celebrate their victory. But when reporters snag his teammate's attention away, the young skater returns to his hotel room alone, sure he's been forgotten again.

Or has he?

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He came to me a winner.

The roar of the crowd drowned out my thoughts as I stood on the ice with my teammates, adrenaline rushing through my veins, basking in victory. Their shouts sang through me like blood, like lust, validating the moment.

Amid all the flashing lights, his eyes were all I saw.

Out of nowhere he swept me into a strong embrace. There was only a second of shock -- my heart stopped in my chest, my breath caught in my throat, and despite the crowd, I heard one thought clearly in my mind. Finally.

He pulled me to him in a fierce, triumphant hug, burying his face in my hair. I thought I felt his lips brush my neck, but I might have been dreaming the sensation. Heaven knows I fell asleep often enough these past few months wishing for this very touch. No words of encouragement, nothing said between us, just that maybe-there kiss and his arms tight around me, his body flush against mine, and the crowd wild with approval.