We’re Not Fighting

We’re Not Fighting by J.M. Snyder
Jack knows he’s a flirt. He’s a hit with the ladies -- and men -- but it means nothing to him because he’s with Aiden. They’ve been together in a committed relationship for years now, and in Jack’s mind, no one else matters. So when a new girl in the office named Leslie flirts back, Jack thinks nothing of it.

Aiden, on the other hand, is pissed.

The worse part is Jack won’t tell Leslie he’s with someone. He doesn’t think he has to. Soon the tension between the two men starts to wear them down. Jack just wants the whole thing to blow over, but it looks like Aiden’s about to blow up.

When Jack finally says something to Leslie, will it be too late to satisfy Aiden?



Aiden didn’t trust her, and he never let her out of his sight. Whenever she tried to talk to Jack, Aiden was there to interrupt. She’d hang out in the employee lounge, hoping to catch Jack on break, but Aiden followed him into the room and, when she asked what Jack’s plans were for the weekend, it was Aiden who answered. She’d try to get Jack alone in the gym during lunch and Aiden started joining his lover during their workouts. He was always there. Always.

“I don’t like her,” Aiden told Jack when the lights were out and they lay together in bed.

Jack kissed the back of his lover’s neck. “She isn’t that bad.”

“She’s after you.” Aiden felt Jack’s arms tighten around his waist, the slight erection at his crotch pressing against his buttocks, and he knew he had nothing to worry about but why take that chance? “You need to tell her off.”

“I can’t,” Jack whispered. “We have to work together, you know that. I can’t just --”

“You can.” Aiden closed his eyes and ignored Jack’s hands as they tried to smooth along his stomach. He wasn’t giving into them tonight. “Either you tell her to leave you alone or I will.”

Jack sighed again. “Aiden --”

“If I tell her,” Aiden said, interrupting him, “it isn’t going to be a pretty sight.”

Jack kissed Aiden’s shoulders and didn’t say anything. Sometimes it was easier not to argue. Instead he slipped a hand between Aiden’s legs, rubbing soft skin along the inside of his lover’s thigh, trying to get him interested. “Babe --”

“Not tonight.” Aiden caught Jack’s hand and held it against his stomach. “I’m not in the mood.”

“I can get you in the mood.” Jack kissed his earlobe, his jaw, his chin.

But Aiden sighed, that you’re not getting a piece of me sound Jack knew all too well, and turned away. “I said not tonight.”