Worst. Power. Ever.

Worst. Power. Ever. by J.M. Snyder
Vic Braunson shares a very sexy secret with his lover, Matt diLorenzo -- something in Matt's semen gives Vic superhuman powers. While the powers fade over time, most of them come in handy. But every now and then, he draws a doozy ...

This short, erotic romp was originally written of The Positions of Love stories but turned out to be a bit depressing, really, because Vic doesn't really save the day or anything, so I scrapped it for a different power. But I thought I'd rework it into a stand-alone story for Vic and Matt fans.



On his birthday Vic worked an earlier shift so he and Matt could go out for dinner. Instead of rolling in around eight in the evening, Vic would be home shortly after four. Matt left his own job early, stopping at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a dozen mini cheesecakes, rich, decadent cupcakes coated with a stiff, white icing. When Vic finally stumbled home, exhausted, Matt helped him undress, kissing each part of his lover’s body as it was bared -- his arms, his chest, his legs, and when he stepped out of his briefs, his cock and balls and both ass cheeks. Guiding Vic to bed, Matt tucked him in, then brought out the cupcakes.

Matt made his lover wait as he stripped and climbed into bed before Vic could have the first taste. Laying above the covers nude, Matt fed Vic the succulent cupcakes one by one. After a handful, Vic growled low in the back of his throat. “Every time I open my mouth,” he grumbled, “you shove another cupcake in. They’re awesome, don’t get me wrong, but there’s so much more on this bed I’m hungry for, if you get my drift.”

With a grin, Matt rolled onto his back and placed the next cupcake on his own chest. Another one followed, a little lower, and a third, lower still, covering his navel. When a fourth cupcake was set on his hairy pubic mound, Vic threw the covers aside and straddled Matt’s legs. “Now we’re talking. This is what I call a birthday spread.”

Vic ate his way from Matt’s throat down to his cock. Once there, Vic repositioned himself to stretch out beside Matt, his head between Matt’s legs and his feet on the pillows beside his lover’s head. His hard dick prodded Matt’s lips as Vic took Matt’s own length into his mouth. When their bodies pressed together, their skin stuck where the cupcakes had been.

Propping a knee onto Vic’s shoulder, Matt spread his legs to let his lover nuzzle his balls while he took Vic’s stiff cock into his mouth, suckling it, savoring it, licking down the length to nip at the tender flesh between Vic’s legs. The strong musk of his lover’s scent filled his senses, and Matt buried his nose in the folds of skin as he took Vic’s balls into his mouth to suck on them. At this angle, Vic’s dick rubbed beneath Matt’s chin, and Matt’s nose was pressed between Vic’s buttocks, tickling him, rimming him, as he massaged his lover’s balls with his tongue.

Vic grasped the tip of Matt’s cock in one gently closed fist, using his lips to knead Matt’s thick length. Vic’s tongue traced the thin veins covering Matt’s dick, then licked around beneath his shaft to lap at his balls with short, quick strokes like a cat. His fist flexed and pulled at Matt’s cockhead, working it between his fingers, milking Matt. Through the mental link they shared, Matt could hear Vic’s thoughts over their heavy breaths and eager pants. ::Mmm,:: Vic moaned, his mouth closing around the base of Matt’s dick. ::You taste a million times better than those cupcakes, Matty. And those were good.::