Write Every Day: A Year of Daily Writing Prompts

Write Every Day: A Year of Daily Writing Prompts by J.M. Snyder
Writing prompts are a great way to jumpstart your muse and get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes you want to write and don’t really know what to write about, and prompts can help guide you into a new story.

This collection of 366 writing prompts can be used daily throughout the year (leap years, too!) as a starting point to get you writing ... and keep you writing. Each day of the year has its own, unique prompt. Set a timer for fifteen or twenty minutes, and write wherever the prompt takes you. Or, if you’re between stories and looking for something different to work on, flip to the prompt for today (or any random page) and start fresh.

This book will kick-start your writing or take you in exciting new directions every day of the year!

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January 5
Imagine a world where, instead of rain, something else falls as precipitation from the sky. Describe how it feels to live in such a world.

April 10
You’re dining with a friend and offer to pick up the tab. You discover the waiter has written a personal message to you on the bottom of the bill.

July 25
You agree to give a presentation on a topic you’re familiar with at an upcoming members’ meeting. You just didn’t expect the members to be dressing in S&M and bondage gear.

September 20
Write about someone who accidentally wins a contest or title at school or work that is obviously based on popularity.

December 17
You’ve been tasked with scheduling your office Christmas dinner. You choose an exclusive local restaurant and have already settled on the menu and made the reservations. But when you call a few days before the event to confirm everything, the restaurant has gone out of business.