Write Every Day Erotica Edition

Write Every Day Erotica Edition by J.M. Snyder
Last year, I published a book of writing prompts to help jumpstart muses and get the creative juices flowing. Many of the prompts that didn’t make the cut in that book were salacious, to say the least. As an erotica writer, I sometimes like to think outside my own boundaries and try to tackle the art of writing sex in new and exciting ways. Let’s be honest -- there are only so many things you can say about sex before you start feeling as if the scene has become rote or mechanical. The romance of your first sex story soon dulls with time, almost like a marriage, and you’re left wondering what happened to the excitement you felt when you first fell in love with writing about ... well, love.

That’s why I decided to write a book of writing prompts geared specifically towards the erotica writer. Maybe you want a different position, or a new way of thinking about a familiar scene. Maybe you want to try your hand at something you’ve never dared write before. Maybe you just want to write about two people getting it on and don’t really know where to begin.

This collection of 366 writing prompts can be used daily throughout the year (leap years, too!) as a starting point to get you writing ... and keep you writing. Each day of the year has its own, unique prompt. Set a timer for fifteen or twenty minutes, and write wherever the prompt takes you. Or, if you’re between stories and looking for something different to work on, flip to the prompt for today (or any random page) and start fresh.

This book will kick-start your writing or take you in exciting new directions every day of the year!

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January 5
While stuck in a traffic jam, you decide to pleasure yourself. Write the scene in delicious detail. Then retell it from the point of view of the truck driver in the lane beside you.

April 10
A married couple whose relationship is on the rocks unexpectedly run into each other while on lunch breaks from their respective employers, and the unlikely encounter leads to a hot, sexy tryst.

July 25
Write a sex scene set in a barn’s hayloft.

September 20
Write a sex scene between lawyers who face off against each other on opposing sides of a criminal case ... but who can’t resist each other outside the courtroom.

December 17
Write a sex scene involving scratching.