Yes-Man by J.M. Snyder
Bryce Howerton is an executive assistant for the president of Eckhart Industries, and he's very good at his job. On any given day, he must juggle his boss's hectic schedule with his own -- meetings, interviews, correspondence, office management. Not to mention the daily conferences with Mr. Eckhart himself. Bryce is kept very busy, indeed.

But he knew the requirements of the position when he took the job. In fact, Mr. Eckhart gave him a taste of his duties during his interview. It was unconventional, to say the least.

And hot, and erotic, and taught Bryce everything he'd need to know to become Mr. Eckhart's yes-man.



Mr. Eckhart met Bryce at the doorway, then ushered him inside the office, closing the door softly behind them. Indicating the nearest leather sofa, he told Bryce, “Please, Mr. Howerton. Have a seat.”

“Thank you for seeing me.” Bryce perched on the edge of the cushion, not quite sure how soft the sofa might be and unwilling to fall back into it. That wouldn’t make a good impression.

Mr. Eckhart sat on the opposite sofa and flashed Bryce a warm grin. Again Bryce thought how attractive the man was, and knew working for him would be a turn on. He’d probably spend a good amount of time in the executive bathroom jerking off to fantasies of what he could do to this sexy gentleman across from him ...

Wait, was there an executive bathroom? Would he have access to it, being Mr. Eckhart’s assistant? He hoped so. He’d hate to be rushed getting off in a public stall.

You’re here about a job, he thought, chastising himself. Stop thinking about sex.

As if he could read Bryce’s sordid mind, Mr. Eckhart’s grin widened and he leaned forward, elbows on his knees, hands clasped in front of him. In a soft voice, he asked, “Mr. Howerton, do you know why you’re here?”

Bryce cleared his throat. If only he could clear away his thoughts as easily. “Your secretary said something about a final interview ...”

“Do you know how many potential candidates for your position have made it this far?” Mr. Eckhart asked.

Your position. Bryce liked the sound of that. “Not many,” he guessed.

Mr. Eckhart arched one eyebrow. “Until today? None.”

Before he could stop himself, Bryce said, “So I’m your first.”

Stupid! How did that not sound sexual?

Mr. Eckhart’s grin twisted into a smirk. “Hardly. Do you know why you’re really here?”

Bryce wasn’t sure. Tentatively, he asked, “This is about a job, right?”

The only response he received was the slightest nod.

“Executive assistant,” Bryce continued. He wracked his brain, trying to recall the job description he’d been given at the first interview. “Someone to manage your daily correspondence, maintain your schedule, represent you at in-house meetings when you cannot attend ... um, coordinate travel arrangements as necessary, work with Alecia on day-to-day office management and new hire procedures ... something about overseeing departmental managerial staff projects ...”

With a dismissive wave of his hand, Mr. Eckhart said, “You have a good memory, I’ll give you that. But what I want to know is, what do you think the job entails?”

“You need a yes-man,” Bryce said, cutting to the chase. “Someone who will do what you want him to do, no questions asked.”

Mr. Eckhart sort of shrugged, which Bryce thought might be a sign he was impressed. “And do you think you can do that?”

Bryce bit back a smile of his own. “Yes, sir.”

“Let’s see, then.”

But Mr. Eckhart didn’t move, so Bryce waited, wondering what exactly he had to do to prove himself qualified for the position.

After a long moment, Mr. Eckhart said, “I am going to see how loyal you can be, and I should warn you, it will be graphic. I give you my word -- you will not be harmed. In fact, you might say I’ll be sure to use protection. If this makes you uncomfortable in any way, tell me now and we will end things here. You won’t get the job, of course, but --”

“Yes.” The word was free before Bryce even knew he’d spoken out loud. Mr. Eckhart was talking about sex, he had to be, and when he said he’d use protection, Bryce’s cock woke with a start. “Let me prove to you I’m your man. Please.”

Mr. Eckhart said simply, “Then close your eyes.”